Vice Chancellor

A University is what its faculty members and students want to make it based on their research aptitudes and academic interests, commitment towards teaching and understanding of socio-economic requirements of a region. However, once our University begins its long journey towards an unknown future, we need to identify our own goals. As it stands now, ours is an affiliating University. As such, we have to provide quality education both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We aim at shaping our academic activities in such a way that our University can impart basic knowledge and provide glimpses of new ideas and innovations that have been unfolding every day, at the undergraduate level, and opens up frontiers of knowledge and innovative researches at the postgraduate level. Will it be too much if we visualise our University as a place where students and faculty members are encouraged to be the best through dialogue, mutual respect, recognition and tolerance of diverse viewpoints? Our University aspires to act as an organization which will recognize values of citizenship and generate inspirations for civic engagements. 

It will be a space where stakeholders will internalize responsiveness towards local needs, national aspirations and global responsibilities. Besides, we make commitments for undertaking studies on needs of local communities and prepare them for a knowledge-based society. One can easily describe these goals as utopia. We define these goals what Max Weber would have described as ‘ideal-type’ situations. An ‘ideal-type’ scenario probably reflects two things: First, it establishes a yardstick – at each and every step, we will constantly interrogate ourselves: are we moving in the right direction? Secondly, such scenario represents a dream that we all cherish, embrace and love. In fact, Eleanor Roosevelt states: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. We believe our University will act as a torch bearer of enlightenment in this region.
-Professor Gautam Kumar Basu.