Department of Applied Mathematics

About the department: The name of our department is Applied Mathematics, but we offer courses on both Pure and Applied genre. Our curriculum contains detailed and disciplined learning of Abstract and Linear algebra, Real and Complex Analysis, Newtonian and Continuum mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Different types differential and integral equations, Integral transforms, Nonlinear dynamics, Topology, Functional analysis, Advanced Numerical analysis with lab practical, Measure theory etc. We currently offer four elective courses, namely, Operation research, Biomathematics, Elasticity and Fluid dynamics. All the courses have been constructed according to UGC CBCS (Credit based Choice System) model and have a lot of potential in research fields. We have constructed these special courses by combining basic concepts to the latest developments in these subjects. This will essentially help a research aspirant to build his/her research career. We organize regular departmental seminars, where students are encouraged to give presentations, both oral and poster, to open the new ideas in front of them. Students also take part in book review programs and other curricular activities.

We solemnly try to familiarize our students with the beautiful world of Mathematics and encourage them to pursue high quality research. Our objective is to provide every student a journey from Mathematical knowledge to wisdom of life.