421 PDF icon Notification regarding Durga Puja Vacation 2020 and Commencement of First Semester PG Classes 2020.pdf
422 PDF icon Notification regarding publication of Merit list of Diploma in GST - 2020.pdf
423 PDF icon Notification of Fourth Merit List for Admission to IMD in Chemistry 2020.pdf
424 PDF icon Notification regarding downloading of online Admit Card for 2nd and 4th semester Back Semester-Exam - 2020 for students registered in 2017-18.PDF
425 PDF icon Notice regarding Webinar on Sustainable Inclusive Development Challenges and Opportunities on October 15-16, 2020.pdf
426 PDF icon Notice regarding International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) -2020 on October 13, 2020.pdf
427 PDF icon Notification of Re Schedule of UG Sixth Semester Examination 2020.pdf
428 PDF icon Notification of Third Merit List for Admission to IMD in Chemistry - 2020.pdf
429 PDF icon Notification regarding Routine of UG Sixth Semester Examination, 2020 [Through online].pdf
430 PDF icon PG Review Results 2020 for Second and Fourth Semester of the Department of English, Library and Information Science and applied Mathematics.pdf
431 PDF icon Notification regarding Internship Programme at SIPARD, Agartala 2020.pdf
432 PDF icon Notification regarding Guidelines of UG Sixth Semester Examination-2020 [Through Online].PDF
433 PDF icon Notification regarding PG Third Semester Supplementary Examination (Through Online), 2020.PDF
434 PDF icon Application form for PG Third Semester Supplementary Examination (Through Online), 2020.pdf
435 PDF icon Notification regarding Second Merit List for admission to IMD in Chemistry for the Academic year 2020-2021.pdf
436 PDF icon Notification regarding Collection of UG Sixth Semester online Admit Card 2020.PDF
437 PDF icon Advertisement & Eligibility Criteria for Guest Teachers for PG Departments and Diploma Course in GST -2020.pdf
438 File Application Form for Guest Teacher.docx
439 PDF icon Notice regarding National Webinar on Introduction of Apprenticeship Internship embeded Degree Programme on September 24, 2020.pdf
440 PDF icon Notification regarding Publication of Merit List of IMD in Chemistry & IMD in Commerce for Academic Year 2020-2021.pdf